Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Little Bit About Me :]

I was born into this world on the 3/8/94 at 10:50 pm.
I'm Irish with English, Danish and Northern-Irish blood.
My eyes were denim blue until my brother was born when I was 4, they turned green, now they're hazel green.
I'm a natural blonde, and I'm the only person in my family carrying my grandmother's genetic hair colour.
I can double joint my elbows and twist my arms around 360 degrees.
I can wiggle my nose and eyebrows.
I'm a singer/songwriter, I record songs on Garageband.
I play the piano, tin whistle, glockenspiel and the guitar.
I've been the lead singer in two bands, both of which I quit in a rage.
I'm ridiculously gullible and sometimes annoyingly childish.
I can't cook. I thought you had to 'melt strawberries' to make jam, and the first time I made noodles I put the bloody packet of flavouring in the pot of water.
I have a dimple in my chin.
I have a non-blood twin, Megan.
I have a dog, Betsy, and a cat, Zeeeinz.
I have three half sisters, Ali, Cathy and Carla, and one brother, Peadar.
My grandad designed the Tayto dude.
My great great uncle was Clement Attlee.
I get bored. A lot.
I can come across as quite the attention seeker/drama queen.
I'm low on self-esteem.
I thought I was a mermaid when I was 4 heehee.
I used to make wands and broomsticks up until I was 12.
I once saw a picture of Bono and thought it was Peter Andre.
I've been in three proper relationships and I've had a few flings.
My sexuality is undecided.
I enjoy being single.